theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 21 with Tierra Rich’ae

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theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 21 with Upcoming Christian Rapper Tierra Rich’ae: Details: Gun Violence/Chicago/Musical Influences/Testimony/Much More

Powered by, theBookkeeper247 launched their very own podcast focusing on upcoming Christian artists.

On this podcast, we Interview Artists we feel should be on everyone’s radar and discuss, not just music, but other topics throughout our culture.

theBookkeeper247 Podcast wanted to create a show to highlight the artist, as well as, find out more about the individuals and their music.

Episode 21 Details: Upcoming Christian Rapper Tierra Rich’ae/Gun Violence/Chicago/Musical Influences/Testimony:

In the 21st episode, Daryl Chops it up with Chicago Illinois’s,  upcoming Christian hip hop artist “Tierra Rich’ae”.

They discuss her versatility between singing and rapping as well as messages she would like her listeners to receive from her music. Without a doubt, you must also hear what she has to say about the senseless violence that constantly goes on throughout our city. 

This interview is an earful of scripture, testimonies and much more. You definitely will be delighted.

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theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 21 with Tierra Rich’ae