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theBookkeeper247 Podcast Ep. 26 with Guest YP AKA Young Paul

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By tBK247.com

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Ep. 26 with Guest YP AKA Young Paul

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Ep. 26 with Guest YP AKA Young Paul:

Powered by tbk247.com, theBookkeeper247 launched its very own podcast focusing on upcoming Christian artists.

On this podcast, we Interview Artists we feel should be on everyone’s radar and discuss music and other topics throughout our culture.

theBookkeeper247 Podcast wanted to create a show to highlight the artist and find out more about the individuals and their music.

Episode 26 Details: PTSD/Atheist/CHH Is Dead/Urban Communities Not Checking For Christian Hip Hop/Dealing With Elder Saints Who Have Demonized All Rap Music/Testimony/WavMaker Award Finalist/Fire In The Palace:

In the 26th episode, Daryl Chops it up with Christian hip hop Artist, YP aka Young Paul.

They discuss his latest EP “Fire In the Palace”, his upcoming projects for 2023, his testimony, and his life growing up in one of the nation’s worst parts of town in New Jersey.

YP aka Young Paul shares great advice regarding navigating with elderly saints along with his music purpose.

It’s a dope interview. You definitely will want to tune in until the end.

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Thanks for joining us YP AKA Young Paul.

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Music From YP AKA Young Paul During Podcast:

1.) YP aka Young Paul & C4 Crotona, “VOICES IN the MUD” (feat. Jered Sanders)
2.) YP aka Young Paul, “BODEGA VISONS part 2, (feat. Tone Spain)

More About YP aka Young Paul

YP aka Young Paul was born and raised in Jersey City, NJ. He bounced around Hudson county for the next 25 years.

Currently, YP is living in the South Bronx and has been there for almost 10 years. Rapping for over a decade, YP has collaborated with some of the best DJs and artists from around the world.

His mission is to create art that hip hop fans can appreciate and enjoy. Simultaneously, YP brings hope and encouragement to seek after God for transformation and renewing of the mind.

His hope is that, through music, people will be encouraged to go after Jesus.

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