theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 31 with Guest K’nek #christianrap #tbk247

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 31 with Guest K’nek #christianrap #tbk247
September 12, 2023

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 31 with Guest K’nek #christianrap #tbk247

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 31 of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, where we have a special guest, K’nek a.k.a @WesTheTech In this insightful episode, we dive into various aspects of K’nek life and career.

Prepare for an emotional and spiritual odyssey with Christian rapper and producer WesTheTech! In this raw, soul-baring episode of the Bookkeeper247 Podcast, Daryl Kemp engages WesTheTech in a conversation that’s nothing short of transformative.

🎙️ WesTheTech peels back the layers of his life, revealing a tumultuous childhood in a single-parent home in South Florida. The absence of his father and the struggles of poverty marked him, but his mother and sister became his focus, his prioty in a world of chaos.

Music became his refuge as he grew older. Initially captivated by mainstream hip-hop, a revelation led him to Christian rap. He realized his art could be more than beats and rhymes; it could be a vessel for hope.

Yet, the road was far from smooth. WesTheTech bares his soul about his fight with kidney failure, a battle that saw him tethered to dialysis machines. When he was at his lowest, mourning the loss of his grandmother, a phone call about a kidney transplant felt like a message from the heavens.

His faith, he says, was his armor during these trials. 🙏 Fully recovered, WesTheTech threw himself into his music, honing his skills both as a lyricist and a producer.

For those dreaming of a career in music, he offers invaluable insights, stressing the need to master your art, understand the business, and never forget your ‘why.’

His latest album, “The Journey,” is a sonic autobiography, capturing his trials, tribulations, and triumphs. 🎶 He dives into standout tracks and collaborations revealing how the album is a milestone in his artistic evolution.

Don’t miss his brand-new single “Feeling Like David,” a song that encapsulates his reliance on God during his darkest hours, much like the biblical David. 🎵

WesTheTech also unveils his eBook “13 Steps to Jumpstart Your Music Business,” a treasure trove of industry wisdom perfect for indie artists. 📚 This episode is a spiritual feast for anyone in need of inspiration, artistic guidance, or simply some soul-stirring Christian rap. WesTheTech’s commitment to glorifying God through his talents is palpable.

After listening, you’ll find yourself uplifted and eager to follow this extraordinary artist’s future projects. Special shoutout to Christian rapper Bencomo 🎤 for sponsoring this episode and sharing his new track “Nobody” 🎧.

Dive deeper into the worlds of Bencomo and WesTheTech through the links below.

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theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 31 with Guest K’nek #christianrap #tbk247