theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 32 with Guest AMAR – Sprinter #christianrap

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November 13, 2023

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 32 with Guest AMAR #christianrap #tbk247

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 32 of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, where we have a special guest, AMAR In this insightful episode, we dive into various aspects of AMAR’S life and career.

In this inspiring episode of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, we dive deep into the incredible journey of AMAR, a devoted Christian rapper and artist.

Summary of the Podcast Episode 32:

🌎 Rooted in Faith and Heritage – AMAR describes himself as a follower of Christ first and foremost, emphasizing the profound importance of his faith and heritage.

🎤 Faith Before Music – AMAR’s faith came long before his involvement in Christian hip-hop, as he surrendered his life to Christ at the age of 14.

🎶 Putting God First – “I always put God first. I can’t imagine making music without expressing my faith,” says AMAR.

🔥 Transformation Story – We explore AMAR’s remarkable transformation from a life of partying and worldly pursuits to a fervent desire to know God, ignited by a conversation with his sister.

🤝 Navigating Differences – “Once I started following God, there was a clash with my friends because we were no longer on the same page,” AMAR shares about the challenges of living out his faith.

🙏 Overcoming Opposition – AMAR opens up about facing opposition from his family as the first Christian, which strengthened his faith and made it deeply personal.

👑 Eternal Crown – The concept of running the race for an eternal crown is both inspiring and thought-provoking.

🤝 Meaningful Collaborations – Building authentic relationships with fellow artists like Mitch and Marty, who share his values, has been a vital part of AMAR’s journey.

🌟 Experience and Expertise – “Releasing music through the collective first gave me valuable experience, so even in my first year as a solo artist, I already had a background in approaching songs,” AMAR explains. Challenges and Triumphs in Christian Hip Hop

🙏 AMAR discusses the challenges of transitioning to missions work, a path that requires a deep understanding of diverse cultures and societies.

More Details:

Welcome to episode 32 of theBookkeeper247 Podcast with your host, Daryl Kemp! In this enlightening episode, we have a special guest, the incredibly talented Christian rapper and artist, AMAR.

Join us as we explore the fascinating journey of faith and transformation in his life and career.

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey with AMAR, where we delve into his deeply rooted influences, his spiritual awakening, and the significant impact he’s had on those around him.

🎙️ Influence of Family: AMAR reflects on the profound influence of his father and sister. His father instilled essential morals in him, while his sister pointed him toward Jesus. Growing up in a Catholic household, AMAR’s spiritual journey took a remarkable turn during a powerful one-on-one experience with Jesus.

🙏 Transformation Through Faith: Discover how AMAR’s unwavering faith in Jesus has not only changed his life but also transformed the lives of those closest to him, including family and friends. Many have shifted their beliefs from a Catholic background to embrace a Protestant faith system, guided by AMAR’s powerful testimony.

🎶 “Sprinter” EP Release: AMAR discusses his latest EP release, “Sprinter,” as well as his involvement in the collective Once Wkd. Dive into the creative process behind his music and the meaningful messages he aims to convey through his art.

📣 Marketing Wisdom: Learn from AMAR’s experience as he shares the valuable advice he received from Marty of Social Club Misfits about marketing. Discover why avoiding gimmicks in marketing is crucial to maintaining authenticity as an artist.

🌍 Missionary Work: Gain insight into AMAR’s aspirations for missionary work in other countries. Learn how he envisions using his music and ministry to make a positive impact on a global scale.

This episode is a powerful testament to the transformative power of faith and the profound impact one artist can have on the world.

AMAR’s commitment to sharing his message through music and ministry is truly inspiring.

After listening, you’ll be inspired to embrace your faith, offer constructive criticism with love, and follow AMAR’s journey as he continues to make a difference in the world. Thanks for joining us @AMAR .

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