TNV - Sunsets In The West

TNV - Sunsets In The West

TNV – “Sunsets In The West”.

Sunsets In the West is a soundscape of West Coast production.

TNV says, “LA is my birthplace so I speak about my upbringing and my experiences growing up on the west coast before I moved to the Midwest as a teenager. “

“Sunsets” is a metaphor for Gods Son Jesus Christ and we can all be saved regardless of our circumstances.”

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More About TNV:

I’m a Hip Hop artist at heart first and foremost, but I don’t shy away from the fact I’m an art was exposed to music at a young age, as both my parents were heavily involved in the music industry I developed a love for music of all genres.

I wanted to create my own voice through which my music could flow. However, what I didn’t know then was my creations were a reflection of my environment and what I was exposed to growing up in Los Angeles.

All glory to GOD, I was born again That New Vessel (T.N.V.) in 2010. I learned my words had true power and has the ability to uplift or tear down. Thus I want my listeners to not only have a spiritual experience when they listen to my music but a life change.

I want them to be uplifted and understand if GOD can take me and change my life, he can do the same thing for speaking the gospel. The title of Hip Hop is broad in its range, but if you want to put T.N.V. in a category, you will be surprised to know my style goes beyond the normal sound.



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TNV – Sunsets In The West