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Trutha, GB, and Legacy Unveil Powerful New Single “No Slides” – Produced by YJO

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By tBK247.com

Trutha, GB, and Legacy Unveil Powerful New Single "No Slides" - Produced by YJO

Trutha, GB, and Legacy Unveil Powerful New Single "No Slides”!

Trutha teams up with GB and Legacy for their impactful new single, “No Slides,” produced by YJO.

This marks their third collaboration this year, tackling stereotypes about Christian men and reinforcing the true cost of walking in faith.

Trutha, GB, and Legacy are back with a bang, dropping their third collaboration of the year with their latest single, “No Slides,” produced by the talented YJO.

This track isn’t just another song; it’s a bold statement against the common stereotypes that label Christian men as “soft” and “passive.”

Instead, it shines a light on the real strength and dedication required to live a life of faith.

In this article, we dive deep into the themes of “No Slides,” exploring how Legacy and Trutha challenge prevailing notions within both secular and faith-based communities. With GB rounding off the record with a powerful reminder of identity and purpose, “No Slides” is set to resonate deeply with listeners.

Breaking Stereotypes and Redefining Strength

The music industry often portrays Christian men through a narrow lens, leading to misconceptions about their character and convictions.

“No Slides” flips the script, showcasing the grit and resilience that comes with walking in faith. The collaboration between Trutha, GB, and Legacy illustrates that faith isn’t about being passive; it’s about standing firm in one’s beliefs and facing challenges head-on.

Trutha and Legacy: Challenging the Status Quo

In their verses, Trutha and Legacy take on the task of debunking myths and confronting the doubts that many believers face.

They tackle tough questions and offer insights that resonate with anyone striving to live authentically. By addressing these issues, they not only reach out to fellow Christians but also engage with a broader audience that might hold misconceptions about faith.

GB’s Powerful Conclusion

GB’s contribution to “No Slides” serves as a powerful reminder of who we are and our purpose.

His lyrics encourage listeners to reflect on their own journeys and to find strength in their identity. This concluding verse ties together the themes of the song, leaving a lasting impact.

Production by YJO: The Sound of Commitment

YJO’s production on “No Slides” perfectly complements the message. The beats are strong, yet thoughtful, creating an atmosphere that underscores the weight of the lyrics.

His work on this track is a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of aligning the musical elements with the overarching theme.


“No Slides” by Trutha, GB, and Legacy is more than just a song; it’s a call to action. It challenges listeners to rethink their perceptions of Christian men and to recognize the strength required to walk in faith.

With YJO’s stellar production, this single is set to make waves and inspire many.

Check out “No Slides” and join the conversation. What are your thoughts on the stereotypes addressed in the song? How does it resonate with your own experiences? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Audio - “No Slides”


About Trutha: 

I am a hip hop artist from the south side of Chicago, IL and I have been in the Christian Hip Hop scene since 2019. Music plays a huge role for me in drawing people closer to God and His truth. I am very passionate about using hip hop to evangelize. 

More About Trutha: Bradley Chatman is a hip-hop artist from the south side of Chicago, IL. He began rapping when he was 16 with high school friends, who rapped, sang, and produced.

Trutha continued to develop this gift, and at the peak of his secular music career pursuit, Jesus transformed his life and led him to make music under the CHH group Brothers of Saved Souls & Encouraging Sisters.

“Music is an area of ministry that plays an effective role in drawing people closer to God and His truth.

I am very passionate about using Hip-Hop to evangelize to young people, as that is my testimony.”



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