Unearthing ‘Forgotten Gems’: Prafit Josiah’s ‘4 EVA’ Revealed

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Prafit Josiah - GOD Made Me Do It (Deluxe) Album

Nashville, TN – “4 EVA” serves as the debut single from the forthcoming EP, ‘Forgotten Gems – Volume:1’.

This classic Boom Bap track, reminiscent of the styles of Gang Starr, Jeru The Damaja, or Rakim is unmistakably imbued with Christian undertones, crafted in a style that only Prafit Josiah can deliver.

As the EP’s title suggests, ‘Forgotten Gems’ draws parallels to Nas’ 2002 release ‘The Lost Tapes’. This collection features tracks that were previously unreleased by Prafit Josiah across past decades.

Admittedly, these tracks are not fully mixed and mastered like Prafit’s other releases. It’s evident they are raw drafts or song ideas in their early stages. When questioned about the decision to release these songs now, Prafit Josiah explains, “I’ve held onto these songs for too long, intending to repurpose, remix or revise them, yet never quite finding the time. I sensed God pushing me to stop delaying the music’s release and take action, so that’s precisely what I’m doing.”

In a Hip-hop world where many borrow cadences and recycle flows from each other, Prafit Josiah stands alone. You’ll either resonate deeply with his style or find it doesn’t quite connect, but therein lies true artistry: being distinct and owning your unique sound.

If you’re a fan of Classic Boom Bap, be sure to grab a copy and stream “4 EVA”, set to release on April 19, 2024. You can also pre-order and download the song for FREE right now at this link:

Profit Josiah’s Bio:

Similar to the rappers Common and Jay-Z, Prafit Josiah is not trying to reach a younger audience. He is definitely confident and comfortable in his own musical skin. In case you didn’t know, Prafit Josiah is not only a rapper, but an entrepreneur and a family man.

Born and raised in Rochester, NY; Prafit Josiah began his musical career as part of the group called Prafitz (Prophets) which formed in 1993. Prafitz released 2 albums and a myriad of singles before disbanding in 2002.

Josiah has been around for while, he’s been recording music off and on for almost 30 years now. In 2016, tragedy struck Prafit Josiah’s family; his cousin was murdered. This event sparked the beginning of Prafit Josiah picking the mic back up once again and seeking to have Godly impact on the people around him and potential listeners of his music.

“Hip-hop (Christian or not) is no longer just a young mans sport, I’m here to speak on adult things, talk about life and point people to God. Oh yeah, don’t expect me to conform or try to fit in, I’m doin me.”

– Prafit Josiah

So, what should you expect from Prafit Josiah? Expect candid lyricism, dope beats, plus rhymes and flows that fall in the vein of what some might call “Classic” or “Golden Era” Hip-hop.



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