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Verbal Renaissance – Welcome to the VR

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Verbal Renaissance - Welcome to the VR

Verbal Renaissance LLC (VR) Unveils a New Era in Christian Music.

Chicago, IL – [06-2023]

Verbal Renaissance LLC (VR), a Christian music record label based in Chicago, IL, is proud to announce its official launch.

Founded and created by the visionary artist Justin Martyr Francis, VR aims to redefine the Christian music landscape by embracing a diverse multiplicity of genres and promoting high-quality art that transcends time, religion, and region.

VR serves as a home for talented artists who are passionate about using their music to glorify God and inspire audiences worldwide.

With a Collective of Artists who excel in various genres such as hip-hop, gospel, reggae, spoken word, neo-soul, and more, Verbal Renaissance is poised to bring words and lyrics back to the forefront of music.

The Vision of Verbal Renaissance:

At the heart of VR lies a profound vision to revolutionize Christian music. Justin Martyr Francis, the visionary behind Verbal Renaissance, seeks to create a platform that not only provides a home for exceptional artists but also fosters an environment of artistic freedom and expression.

VR aims to break free from the confines of traditional music labels and explore the uncharted territories of creativity.

Artists on the Verbal Renaissance Roster:

VR’s talented roster of artists who are set to redefine the Christian music landscape. These artists include:

  • Justin Martyr (Miami, FL): A versatile and visionary artist, Justin Martyr’s music transcends genres. With his exceptional production skills and lyrical prowess, he brings a fresh perspective to Christian music.

  • Aasha Marie (Chicago, IL): Aasha Marie captivates audiences with her soul-stirring melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. Her music resonates deeply and touches the hearts of listeners from all walks of life.

  • Regenerit (Chicago, IL): Regenerit infuses his music with the energy of the streets, reflecting the vibrant hip-hop and urban culture. His powerful storytelling and unique style captivate audiences and challenge societal norms.

  • Rashawna (New York, NY): Rashawna’s powerful voice and insightful lyrics address important themes such as faith, social justice, and personal growth. Her music is a catalyst for change and a testament to the transformative power of art.

A Commitment to Excellence:

Verbal Renaissance is dedicated to delivering high-quality music that surpasses industry standards. The label’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect, from the production quality to the lyrical depth and musical craftsmanship of its artists.

VR strives to create an immersive and inspiring experience for listeners, leaving an indelible impact on their hearts and minds.

The Future of Verbal Renaissance:

As Verbal Renaissance steps into the spotlight, the label looks forward to an exciting future.

VR’s vision extends beyond the boundaries of the music industry, with plans to venture into various creative endeavors.

Collaborations with artists from different disciplines and the exploration of new mediums are just a glimpse of what lies ahead for Verbal Renaissance.

Audio Preview:

To stay updated with the latest news, releases, and projects from Verbal Renaissance, connect with the label and its artists on social media:

More About Justin Martyr:

Justin Martyr, known by his birth name Justin Francis and also as Justin-Credible, is a remarkable individual who wears many hats in his life of service. He is a devoted Servant of Christ, Theologian, Preacher, Pastor, Musician, Artist, Producer, Husband, and Father. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, Justin Martyr’s roots can be traced back to the beautiful island of Jamaica through his parents.

Growing up in a household deeply connected to the church, Justin Martyr is the son of a Pastor. At the tender age of four, he embraced his faith and committed his life to Christ. His spiritual journey continued as he was baptized at the age of five and started preaching at the remarkable age of seven. Music played a significant role in his life, with his first encounter as a drummer at just eleven months old, even before celebrating his first birthday. By the age of five, he became the church drummer and remarkably won his first drum competition at the age of seven.

As Justin Martyr continued to grow, so did his passion for music. At eleven years old, he ventured into rapping and wrote his first song. Throughout his childhood, he displayed his exceptional talent by winning numerous drum competitions and hip-hop talent shows. By the age of thirteen, he embarked on music production, creating his own instrumentals and recording his first demo CD. It became evident that God had bestowed His calling upon Justin Martyr from a young age, destined for ministry.

Aside from his proficiency as a professional drummer, Justin Martyr showcases his versatility as a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in playing the saxophone and trumpet. He currently resides in Chicago, Illinois, with his beloved wife, Aasha Francis, and their wonderful son, Justin Francis II. Relocating to Chicago to pursue his education, Justin Martyr attended the prestigious Moody Bible Institute and Moody Theological Seminary, earning both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. Currently serving as the Associate Pastor at New Life Community Church in Bridgeport, Chicago, he combines his love for music and ministry.

Justin Martyr’s artistic journey encompasses the release of five full-length hip-hop albums and an EP. Through God’s grace, he established his own Production Company, Justin-Credible Productions, and a Record Label known as Verbal Renaissance LLC, featuring multiple talented artists under its imprint. This veteran artist has graced stages and delivered powerful sermons across the globe, captivating audiences in the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Sharing the spotlight with renowned artists such as Fred Hammond, John P. Kee, The Ambassador, Pretty Ricky, Israel and New Breed, The Cross Movement, Ace Hood, P.O.D., Skillet, KJ-52, Tonex, William McDowell, Canton Jones, and many others, Justin Martyr’s performances have left an indelible impact.

Beyond traditional venues, Justin Martyr regularly brings his music and message to the streets, churches, schools, clubs, bars, jails, festivals, and any space where he can connect with people. He humbly acknowledges that Jesus alone is the source of his eternal life, living his life in honor of Christ and striving to make a difference in all that he does (John 10:28).

Justin Martyr, with his profound dedication and unwavering faith, continues to inspire and impact lives through his music, ministry, and unwavering commitment to Christ.

More About Aasha Marie:

Aasha Marie, the dynamic singer, rapper, and poet hailing from Chicago, is a passionate artist on a mission to bring spiritual transformation to communities in need through socially conscious, Christian-inspired music. With unmatched talent and a bold, hip-hop-inspired style, Aasha delivers powerful flows that showcase her exceptional lyrical skills.

Recognizing that spreading her message requires more than mere conviction, Aasha has graced stages at various events and festivals in and outside of Chicago. Her notable performances include the MJ Charity Event, where she opened for artists such as Wale, Silento, and Mishon at the Genesis Convention Center in Indiana. She has also captivated audiences at the Woodlawn 5k Dash & Food Truck Festival and So Far Sounds. Aasha’s dedication and artistry were recognized at the Kingdom Choice Awards, where she received nominations for Female Rap Minister in Brooklyn in both 2016 and 2019.

In 2014, Aasha released her first EP, “Breaking Obscurity,” laying the foundation for her musical journey. However, it was her masterpiece, “While You Were Sleeping” (WYWS), released last year, that propelled her into the spotlight and garnered attention from media outlets such as flowsfordays.com, Hip Hop Weekly, Rapzilla, Kazi, RMG, and more. 

With each track on the 14-song project, WYWS, Aasha showcases her versatility as a performer and a human being. From soulful, poetic musings to seamless rhymes and uplifting vocals, the album encompasses the breadth of Aasha’s musical prowess. Through her music, Aasha fearlessly shares her vulnerabilities, intimate life experiences, and transformative journey from negative circumstances to blessings. It is this relatability that resonates with music lovers worldwide, as demonstrated by the album’s impressive 50K+ streams on Spotify.

To promote the record, Aasha released a captivating music video for her track “Punch,” featuring three different scenes that visually complement the song’s essence. Additionally, she unveiled a thought-provoking mini-documentary series divided into three parts, providing deeper insights into her artistry and personal growth. Aasha’s commitment to delivering a multifaceted experience to her audience is evident in her meticulous attention to detail.

As her success continues to flourish, Aasha remains steadfast in her mission to bring positive change to her city. With unwavering determination, she uses her music as a catalyst for transformation, inspiring listeners to embrace positivity and hope. Aasha Marie’s artistic journey is an embodiment of resilience and creativity, and her impact continues to reverberate through the hearts of those who connect with her profound art.



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