Village KNG announces the upcoming release of their sophomore EP project, “Village KNG: Side B.”

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Village KNG announces the upcoming release of their sophomore EP project, "Village KNG: Side B."

Village KNG, the brainchild of seasoned emcees Pettidee and KnowdaVerbs, announces the upcoming release of their sophomore EP project, “Village KNG: Side B.” This musical venture continues to merge the distinct styles of both artists, promising a fresh blend of gritty lyricism and soulful beats.

The inception of Village KNG arose from the shared history between Pettidee and KnowdaVerbs within the community, fostered through their collaborations with rap duo GRITS.

“Village KNG: Side A” marked their official introduction as a cohesive group, uniting their talents and experiences in a musical narrative.

Pettidee reflects, “About a year ago, Verbs and I linked up to reconnect. During the process, we reminisced about the rich creativity that comes from being in the studio with other hip-hop heads who follow Jesus.

We ended up pulling up some beats and began to catch a vibe with a few of the tracks. We ended up with a handful of songs that ushered in a new sound outside our comfort zones. We felt these are worth sharing with the world.”

KnowdaVerbs adds, “Witnessing artists of our generation continue to push boundaries and release music that resonates inspired us. It shows that age should never limit the expression of our gifts.”

As Village KNG, the duo aims to make a global impact while staying true to their faith, symbolized by their commitment to serving the “King of Kings.”

Their debut project, “We Are Village KNG (Side A),” featured tracks like “Afro Frontier,” “Forward Motion,” “Harriet Tubman,” and “King,” produced by the Grammy award-winning producer Tone Jonez.

This project fuses futuristic sounds with cultural influences, reflecting the artists’ deep roots in their faith and hip-hop culture.

Continuing their creative journey, Village KNG announces the forthcoming release of “Village KNG Side B,” the follow-up to their debut offering.

The project kicks off with the track “Kriss Cross” and will begin releasing in early April, accompanied by a short-form documentary that unveils the story and creative process behind Village KNG.

The documentary will drop new episodes throughout the Spring and Summer, offering fans an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into the project’s making.

In addition to their upcoming releases, Village KNG is actively booking tour dates for 2024, including performances at festivals and conferences both domestically and internationally.

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