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Xay Hill – The Influence of Girls/Rose Gang/Choosing Jesus

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Xay Hill & Mitch Darrell Talk About The Influence of Girls, Rose Gang & Choosing Jesus In This Episode.

Christian Rap Artists @Xay’s World With Xay Hill  &  @Mitch Darrell  Also Have A Discussion About Felling The Need To Join A Gang For Proctection.

Xay Hill says, “I joined a gang when I was younger because I was scared of the mass murderer who lived close to me.

“I thought that by joining a gang, I would be protected from him. But I was wrong. I ended up doing what was right and came back to Christ.”

“I realized that the only way to truly be protected from the mass murderer was to follow Christ.”


Xay Hill: Yeah, so like I was born in church. My mama, she’s a preacher as well as like my uncle was one. So I always grew up in the church. It’s just, man, I strayed away for a minute at a very, very young age.

I lived in the rough side of Cleveland. And man, we was up street from like Anthony Sowell . He was like a mass murderer. He was like houses down and we were a bond.

So when the information came out about him, what he was doing, man, I said, screw it, I’m about to go get involved with some gangs or some stuff just so that I can get protection.

I strayed away. Most death, but I ran back to Christ. I mean, that’s how it all started. Like I grew up in it. I always knew it. I was just ignorant.

Mitch Darrell: Was there a certain moment that kind of made you go back or was it just like one day you were like, nah, man, like I gotta go, I gotta go back, you know,

Xay Hill: It was moving down here to Alabama from Cleveland to Alabama. It was just like, man, you know, you had to run back, man.

Can’t keep going off into the same things and following after people that don’t really care for you. They just want what you can do.

End of Transcript:


Powered by the Bookkeeper247.com, Welcome back to the 18th episode of the “Mitch Darrell” show, with Guest Xay Hill.

In the 18th episode, Mitch Darrell sits down with Xay Hill and they discuss how the move from Cleveland to Alabama impacted his life, how testimonies from others inspire him to keep making music, how God tells him not to drop certain tracks and how God blesses you in streams if your agenda is lined up with His will.

Also, Xay Hill drops how not making the Rapzilla Freshman List inspired him to just keep going, plus he learned some valuable lessons that he shares.

Last but not least B Plus breaks down Mission “Less Is More” Album. Stay tuned because it’s another great interview with your favorite artist and your favorite host, Mitch Darrell.

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Short Bio: “Mitch Darrell”:

Mitch Darrell is a young and upcoming rapper and singer from Indian Trail North Carolina. He spits rap with a dope flow and conscious lyrics in an attempt to educate and inform.

He is currently a student at NC State University in Raleigh North Carolina and is the youngest member of the group “Top 3′. His debut project “Black Skin Colorless Soul’ released in January 2017

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